{:id}Jadwal PKM-AI dan PKM-GT Tahun 2016{:}{:en}Schedule of PKM-AI and PKM-GT 2016{:}


{:id}jadwal pkm-2016











Mahasiswa yang mengikuti seleksi PKM-GT dan PKM-AI 2016 dapat menyerahkan lembar pengesahan dan cover depan proposal PKM di Kemahasiswaan FST untuk didata dan ditandatangani Wakil Dekan I.{:}{:en}Schedule of PKM-AI and PKM-GT 2016

1. Socialization and Announcement of the Program: January
2. Paper Writing: Jan-Mar
3. Paper Submission Deadline: March
4. Administrative Selection: April
5. Paper Assessment: May
6. Announcement of PKM-AI: June
7. e-Journal Publication: December

Students who participated in the selection of PKM-GT and PKM-AI 2016 are to submit approval sheet and front cover of PKM proposal to the Student Affairs of FST to be recorded and signed by Vice Dean I.{:}