Vision, Mission, and Goals

Academic programs in FST are designed to produce graduates with advance ability in developing concept and basic sciences, particularly the ability in problem solving by relying on their skills to analyze the problems based on the principles and concepts of science and technology.


To give a guidance for the development of science and technology, participate in fostering highly skilled human resources, support the development of scientific society which characterized with high ethic, religious value, and environmental concern, also to pursuit the goal to be a faculty with The Best Science with Morality.


  1. To provide high quality of human resources, create a competitive atmosphere to enhance the passion of learning, analytical and critical thinking, also to promote research in science and technology in order to gain innovations that will best serve the public welfare.
  2. To produce human resources that excel in mastering, developing, and applying science and technology, promote the use of religious mindset, scientific attitude and behavior for the betterment of industrial society and health improvement.


Academic programs in FST are aimed to produce highly skilled undergraduates and graduates who hold Pancasila values and have several abilities in:

  1. Applying mathematics and science on productive activities and community services.
  2. Mastering the basic knowledge and methodology within areas of mathematics and science, as well as inventing, understanding, explaining, and formulating a way to solve a problem based on the area of study.
  3. Thinking and working based on the advancement of science and technology as well as preserving the environment.

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