Information System (Bachelor Degree Programme)

Information System (Bachelor Degree Programme)

To tackle the global challenge on information technology, in 2000, Information System (Diploma Programme) was established based on the certificate issued by Directorate General of Higher Education   No.247/DIKTI/Kep/2000. Later, in 2008, FST opened new bachelor programme for Information System due to the increasing demand for experts and human resources in Information Technology.


To become the most reputable and excellent study programme on national and international level, to play important role in the building of scientific society characterized by morality and religiosity.


  • To conduct education and learning process in order to produce human resources who are able to master, implement, develop, and make innovation particularly on information system.
  • Conduct quality and beneficial research on information system field.
  • Dedicate the skill and knowledge they acquire for community welfare /institution /industry /government service


Download Curriculum of Information System Programme Click here


Area of interests

  • Business Intelligence
    to review techniques applied to transform raw data into useful information for decision making, identify new chances to implement business strategies based on the information from the data to create competitive advantage.
    The materials of Business Intelligence curriculum consist of data mining, text mining, data warehouse, online analytical processing, artificial intelligence, and decision support system.
  • Information Systems Engineering
    multidisciplinary approach towards activities related to information system’s management and development to achieve organizational goals.
    The scope of Information Systems Engineering curriculum is development, management, and the application of Information System, organizational governance, Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Architecture Planning, and Knowledge Management.

Coordinator of Study Programme : Badrus Zaman, S.Kom., M.Cs.

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