Undergraduate Program Admission

Undergraduate Program Admission

Selection tests for new undergraduate students in Universitas Airlangga (Unair) can be divided into three types: SNMPTN (National Selection of State University Admissions), SBMPTN (Collective Selection of State University Admissions) and Independent Test for SMA/MA/SMK/MAK or equivalent school graduates from Indonesia and overseas.

SNMPTN is a national selection based on academic merit which can be traced from the students’ reports and academic portfolio from 1st – 5th semesters for high school / vocational school with 3 year study period or from 1st – 7th semesters for those with 4 year study period.

SBMPTN is a selection performed by state universities collectively under the coordination of Central Committee based on the result of written test using PBT or CBT method, or based on the combination of written and skill test results.

Independent test is given for high school graduates from Indonesia or overseas who have academic ability to join higher education.

Requirements and tuition can be seen in http://ppmb.unair.ac.id/web/

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