Admission for Master and Doctoral Program

General Requirements

Indonesian Students

  1. Graduates of S1/D4 study program accredited by BAN PT (recent certificate of program study accreditation) or
  2. Graduates of S1/D4 study program accredited by the Ministry of Health of Indonesia (for graduates from the health sector under the management of Ministry of Health RI) for the 2012 and previous years graduates
  3. Graduates of the public university private university accredited by BAN PT (for graduates of 2015 and afterwards) with enclosing a copy of the certificate of institution accreditation or a copy of the application for accreditation of higher education institutions (AIPT) to BAN PT.
  4. For Indonesian citizen with a bachelor degree or equivalent from overseas then the equalization will follow the rules of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia.
  5. Applicants who are still have active working status, must obtain a permit in the form of Letter of Approval / Permit Study from Direct Supervisors (at the time of registration must indicate such license)
  6. Have an adequate health so it does not interfere with the process of learning in this course. (Proved by a valid health certificate from a doctor)
  7. Have an ELPT/TOEFL certificate or equivalent.

International Students

  1. Holding a recommendation letter from Indonesian Embassy in the student’s country of residence.
  2. Graduating from university which has accreditation from official accreditation board.
  3. Holding a copy of graduation certificate and academic transcript for a Bachelor degree or equivalent (in English)

General Admission Requirements

  1. For foreign citizens must have a license/approval from the government in accordance with its authority, when accepted as a prospective student at Universitas Airlangga
  2. Having adequate health status so as not to interfere with the learning process of the selected courses, determined by Airlangga University Health Team.
  3. A candidate who is accepted will receive the Indonesian Language Course for 1 year and evidenced by a certificate of BIPA (Indonesian For Foreign Speakers and social culture learning)

Further information in admission requirements and fees can be found at PPMB website

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