Board of Directors

Dean : Prof. Win Darmanto, M.Si., Ph.D.
1st Vice Dean : Dr. Hartati, M.Si.
2nd Vice Dean : Dr. Miswanto, M.Si.
3rd Vice Dean : Dr. Nanik Siti Aminah, M.Si.

Department of Mathematics

Head of Department : Badrus Zaman, S.Kom., M.Cs.
Secretary of Department : Eva Hariyanti, S.Si., MT.
Coordinator of Mathematics Programme:  Dr. H. M. Imam Utoyo, M.Si.
Coordinator of Information System Programme:  Badrus Zaman, S.Kom., M.Cs.
Coordinator of Statistics Programme:  Drs. Eko Tjahjono, M.Si.

Department of Physics

Head of Department : Dr. Moh. Yasin, M.Si.
Secretary of Department : Dr. Riries Rulaningtyas, ST., MT.
Coordinator of Physics Programme: Dr. Moh. Yasin, M.Si.
Coordinator of Biomedical Engineering Programme: Dr. Khusnul Ain, ST, M.Si.

Department of Chemistry

Head of Department  : Dr. Purkan, M.Si.
Secretary of Department  : Dr. Abdulloh, S.Si., M.Si.
Coordinator of Chemistry Bachelor Degree Programme : Dr. Purkan, M.Si.
Coordinator of Chemistry Master Degree Programme : Mochamad Zaki Fahmi, S.Si, M.Si.,Ph.D

Department of Biology

Head of Department  : Dr. Sucipto Hariyanto, DEA.
Secretary of Department : Dr. Junairiah, S.Si., M.Kes.
Coordinator of Biology Bachelor Degree Programme : Dr. Sucipto Hariyanto, DEA.
Coordinator of Environmental Science and Tech. Programme : Dr. Eko Prasetyo K, ST, DEA.
Coordinator of Biology Master Degree Programme : Dr. Sri Puji Astuti Wahyuningsih, M.Si.

Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Doctoral Degree Programme)

Coordinator of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Doctoral Degree Programme) : Dr. Alfinda Novi Kristanti, DEA.

Supporting Units

Head of Academic Division  : Dr. Eridani, M.Si.
Head of Administrative Division  : Suriyanto, Drs.
Head of Academic Subdivision : Arviadi Tri Harso Putro, S.KM.
Head of Student Affairs Subdivision : Basuki, SE.
Head of Finance and Resources Subdivision : Sri Kustiyowati, S.Sos.
Head of Facilities and Infrastructure Subdivision : Krisno Jumono, SH.
Chief of Information System Unit : A. Lukman Hakim, S.Si

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